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In A CIRCLE AND THREE LINES, Ken Kolsbun, author of Peace, The Biography of a Symbol, explains its rarely known history.

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Symbol for Space. Fig. 2. Symbolizing the Seven...

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Simply using 4 or 5 rather than 3 horizontal lines would be best.

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Illustrated guide to the musical symbols and commands found.Many text symbol generators have converged into this singular powerful tool for text styling and transformation.Emergence of Chinese Charms. Above the hole of this wu zhu coin is a short vertical line intersected by a longer horizontal line.

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Equality is transitive, so if and, then it is also true that.If you do not use color to limit a SYMBOL statement to a single symbol definition,.

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Some Facts about Lord Shiva - The three horizontal stripes of ash on the forehead of Lord Shankar represent three memories.A Christian Cross with a circle surrounding the middle point where the vertical and horizontal lines of the Cross intersect.

Appendix:Easily confused Chinese characters. and is mostly used as the 10th zodiac symbol in China),. second pair have 3 horizontal lines.

Line Symbols Material Symbols Reference Symbols. 3: Length of Shorter Leg.Include special characters, enter math and chemical equations, or use lines to break apart sections of a large message.Apple and Google are going head-to-head to define meaning of the three-horizontal-bars icon:.Lines. Adidas: black, 3, lines: Woolmark: black, lines, loop, pointsymmetric, woven: MasterCard: heinzred, orange, 2circles, lines: IBM: brightblue, acronym, lines.

The straight horizontal line in Native American glphys represents.

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VIGNETTES FROM THE SACRED WRITINGS OF MU.--Fig. 1. Fine, straight, horizontal lines.Summary. This annex presents the Unicode line breaking algorithm along with detailed descriptions of each of the character classes established by the Unicode line.